We are the neobank of Africans living in Europe

Moneco allows you to save, spend and send freely with the lowest costs


Create your account and start saving

Open your account

in less than 5 minutes

Get your personal IBAN

enabling you to hold money (salaries, deposits, transfers, etc)

Fund your account

Through cash deposit, Bank transfer, Credit/debit cards top-up

Save money

To your safe with every transactions you make with us

Create your tontines/darets

To keep saving money with your trusted ones, all from your phone


Spend securely anywhere, anytime

Receive your card

in less than a week

Use your card

all around the world like you would at home

Get notified

In real time for every transactions

Transfer money instantaneously

to any bank account in Europe

Pay your invoices in Africa

Water, electricity, wifi, etc

We secure your transactions

using the latest technologies


Sending money

to Africa was expensive, we made it free

Help your loved ones back home, enabling them to receive more




€ / year

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Security and reliability are our priorities


We are regulated in all the countries we operate in, through our trusted partner Railsbank, a regulated entity in the EU and the UK

Fraud prevention

We use in-house technology as well as partnerships with best-in-class KYC providers to detect and prevent any type of financial fraud

Account protection

We use industry tested solutions to protect your account and your card (Multi-factor authentication, 3D Secure, PIN, etc.)

A team portraying the African diversity

A multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary group of people, on a mission to deliver the financial products you deserve

Bilal Dahlab

Born and raised in Switzerland, but originally from Algeria, Bilal brings his passion for the banking sector, his rigorous mind, and his proximity to the diaspora to Moneco.

Shams Radjabaly

Born and raised in Madagascar, french-educated, Shams brings his passion for finance and emerging markets, his critical thinking and his understanding of multicultural settings to Moneco

Jimmy Kuassi Kumako

Born in Benin, raised in several countries across West Africa, Jimmy brings his passion for technology, his coding skills and his relentless afro-optimism to Moneco.